Maximise your branding with us

Introducing the first environmental-friendly Hydrogen Bus and great advertising opportunities to Sarawak.


Why Advertise On The H2 Bus

  1. 22 daily round trips around Kuching city centre covering major business areas in Padungan to Satok (Monday – Friday)
  2. 11 daily round trips around Kuching city centre (Saturday & Sunday)
  3. The only Public Transport to Damai with 4 daily round trips (Saturday & Sunday)
  4. Be an ambassador for clean renewable energy
  5. Be featured on the first-ever fleet of Hydrogen Buses to debut in South East Asia
  6. Exciting Internet of Things and in-app advertising on H2 Sarawak that offers beacon push notification and in-bus video streaming

Estimate Rate Card

Online Platform Advertising (H2 Mag)
1920 x 454px RM 1,200.00 /Month
1250 x 480px RM 800.00 /Month
780 x 550px RM 500.00 /Month
600 x 400px RM 400.00 /Month
Sponsored Content
Sponsored Article RM 1,200.00 /Month
Sponsored Video (15s) RM 1,500.00 /Month
iBeacon Advertising
Listing in Directory &
1-Push Notification
RM 1,500.00 Setup Fee &
RM 1,500.00 /Month
Bus Advertising
Bus Wrap
(Minimum 3 Months)
RM 5,000.00 Setup Fee &
RM 3,000.00 /Month
Bus Handles
(11 on the left side,
10 on the right side)
RM 1,800.00 Setup Fee &
RM 1,200.00
/21 handles
In Bus Livery
(4 Banners on each side)
RM 1,800.00 Setup Fee &
RM 1,500.00
/8 Banners