Hydrogen Bus IoT Brief

The Hydrogen bus IoT comes with High Speed LTE WiFi and H2 Sarawak App which has the following functions:

  1. Bus Live location for all busses
  2. iBeacon integration for citywide
  3. H2 Sarawak Magazine and Video
  4. H2 Sarawak E-commerce Store that will allow online ticketing to attractions, hotels and local Sarawak Products

The Hydrogen Bus app is the first in Malaysia to deploy a city-wide implementation of Beacons. This allows for push notification of offers, promotions and historical landmarks.

The Hydrogen Bus app also marks the first in Sarawak to be integrated with Google Transit that gives users real time schedules of bus arrivals and connecting points. This will pave way for a fully integrated online route and live schedule of Sarawak’s public transportation system.

The LED Monitors on the bus are also fitted with IoT that allows Video content to be loaded remotely and is the first of its kind to be implemented in Public Transportation systems in Sarawak.

More facts about the Sarawak’s Hydrogen Bus and routes

  • The bus can travel 300 KM and can achieve 15 round trips on the downtown route in a single refill
  • Bus has GPS and live diagnostics on fuel level, speed and vital systems notification that can be monitored remotely
  • As a start, the bus does the downtown heritage loop – 14 km: