1. Top Spot Seafood Food Court @ Kuching (Halal)

The most well-known seafood eating place in the heart of Kuching city. Top Spot, as its name implies, is located at the top of a massive multi-level carpark by Kuching’s riverfront. Styled after a food court, pick your own seafoods, individual restaurants take up stalls located side-by-side, displaying their raw seafood in see-through boxes packed with ice. Google map

2. Lepau Restaurant (Halal)

Winner of the Best Innovative Ethnic Restaurant for the 20th Malaysia Tourism Award 2018! An unique local homegrown restaurant set in the heart of Kuching city serving authentic Sarawakian foods. The environment and ambience reflects the feel of a traditional Kayan “kampung” farm-hut. Lepau, translated from the Kayan language, means temporary farm-hit.
Google map

3. Chong Choon Cafe or Mom’s Laksa

Sarawak Laksa, the most popular local foods in Sarawak that most every tourists will try when visiting Sarawak. Two popular choices for Halal and Non-halal Laksa.
– Mom’s Laksa for Halal Laksa Google map 
– Chong Choon Cafe for Non Halal Laksa Google map 

4. Ah Kheng Belacan Bee Hoon (Non-Halal)

Plenty of Kuching locals love it, and turn to Ah Keng Belacan Bee Hoon when they have a craving, although belacan bee hoon has a reputation for being a divisive dish. Google map

5. Lau Ya Geng (Non-Halal)

Located at Carpenter street, which also China Town in Kuching. It really popular for Fish ball soup, Satay Pork, Laksa and Kway chap. Google map 

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